Sandesh bma photo.jpg

Dr Sandesh Gulhane

NHS GP in Glasgow

TV & radio broadcaster

Writes medical articles for newspapers & trade press

Queens Park FC Head of Medicine

Former BMA GP Trainee Committee Co-Chair

I am a full-time GP working in Glasgow. I have been an NHS doctor for 15 years. Through my career, I have worked in A&E, Urgent Care Centres, Hospital Surgical departments and in the “out of hours” teams. I therefore have a firm grasp of the profound challenges facing our healthcare system, and the difficulties faced by patients during the current pandemic and beyond. In my everyday practice I am passionate about improving the health and well-being of Glaswegians. 

I am the head of Medical Services at Queens Park F.C. I thoroughly enjoy the role, which enables me to utilise my interest in Sports Medicine, working with the players and non- playing staff alike.